Frequently asked questions

A: The estimate cost can not be precise calculated without getting requirements because our service is SaaS(Software as a Service) so we’re tailor-made mobile application to suitable each customer needs and objectives. But we have build an online quotation for anyone who just want to have an idea cost of mobile developing first. Please remind that this online quotation is not 100% correct.

A: We have a several frameworks and library to re-build your application so it’s not necessary to build your app from the ground up. Our development timeline take as little as 3 weeks. While most of mobile apps requiring a special take care in design and content which may take additional time as high as 3 months. If you would like to know the exact delivery time, please contact us for more details

A: Website could make a low cost as low as 1500 Baht per Year (40 US Dollars) because they are template website. For tailor-made website, it could go up to 100K Baht (3000 US Dollar). However, it’s not a very clever idea to make an app similar to website as mobile app is not designed to completely replace website.It’s designed to do simple task simpler. Mobile app usually 3-4 times more expensive than website because of time of developments. For mobile app we need 3 sections of development, iOS development, Android development, and Web service development while website needs only 1 developments but the power of mobile app is far greater than website.

A: Mostly all mobile app in the store are somehow connected to the cloud or web service due to easier maintenance. In case that you are only need offline or non-connect cloud service, you should aware that it’s take at least 7 days for App store to re-upload your application and approved. It’s mean that if you would like to change anything even it’s so easy to change like change text in the app. You have to wait at least 7 days so user can see the new changes. That’s not practical at all.

A: We will handles all of work in technical, marketing, from scratch till on the app store. We also provide UI/UX design, graphics, layout, and developing. We need you to fill what we don’t know or not good at.

A: All of artwork, coding, and every assets during development are belong to you(In case you build a new product from the start up, not include that you use our existing products to start your projects). We are 1 year warranty of your mobile application after we’re deliver your products. Any error and problem that come from our system will be responded in one working day and will be solved in three working days with no cost. Every shipping mobile application from us is installed with app analytics and app bug checker so you can assure that our quality and service is the high end for every clients.

A: You could extend 1 year warranty with our service program. In our service program, we are monitoring your application for user usage, user behavior, checking for next OS before it’s official launch, performance improving twice a year, and report progress. Even you decided not to extend our service program, your application could do major work without a problem which we could not guarantee due to change of OS version. Some of our applications are working fine since iOS3.